Students With Solutions

Children may be our best hope for finding solutions for some of St. Louis’ toughest problems.  The majority of adults who run this city certainly seem to lack a key quality these students possess: empathy.

Sandra Jordan of the St. Louis American writes about one group of SLPS students who designed solutions for the very real issues we face.  We should commend educators who encourage innovation and creative thinking techniques which prepare our youth for solving real world problems.

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Photo by Wiley Price / St. Louis American

Fifth grade social entrepreneurs Karon Hunt, Savion Wilson, Jamar Aaron, Paul Thomas, Maya Wilson, and JaNyah Smith from Farragut Elementary School presented their winning design to transform a rundown teacher’s lounge into a quiet study lounge to two of the judges of Saint Louis Public Schools’ Love of Learning Design Challenge. Six teams of finalists from grades 5-12 were asked to find workable solutions for homelessness, food deserts, and lack of safe spaces. 



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