St. Louis Public Schools are ready for Natalie Vowell,
and Natalie is excited to serve you and yours!

Our donors are activists.  Our phone bank is our friends list.  Every yard sign that goes up is for someone like you who personally knows Natalie and her work in the community.  Our supporters aren’t just voters; they’re friends.  This is truly a word-of-mouth, organic, grassroots campaign.
This election is in your

Your small contribution will help ensure that we reach ALL of our City’s voters and continue mobilizing support for Natalie.
After the election—win or lose—any remaining funds will be
donated directly to our schools. 

   via PayPal or ActBlue!

We always appreciate in-kind donations!

  • bottled water for our canvassers
  • reams of plain office paper
  • rubber bands
  • diesel fuel for the Social Justice Bus
  • most importantly, your volunteer time and support!

Your support is critical to the success
of St. Louis City Public Schools.
Let’s give our kids an education they can be proud of!
Thank you for investing in our future.