Where I Stand

natalieshoppedtopMy name is Natalie Vowell
and I’m asking for your vote!
Together, we can change the future!

     Natalie has been on the front lines of education and poverty issues for the past 5 years in various positions serving local charities—providing free computers to students and teachers, assisting victims of domestic violence, and preventing low-income families in economically depressed neighborhoods
from losing their homes to the City.

“I’m a passionate, fulltime, hands-on volunteer—which is
exactly what the St. Louis City School Board deserves.”
 Natalie Vowell


  • STOP punishing students with suspension and felonies. We must END the school-to-prison pipeline!
  • Keep low-income families in their homes.  Children with a stable home environment achieve better academic outcomes and develop stronger social skills.
  • Expand early childhood education hours for working families. Children need to begin basic learning with parents working all shifts.
  • Equitable property taxes for marginalized citizens, to keep more properties on the tax rolls funding our schools, instead of giving tax breaks to wealthy developers.
  • Prioritize our own teachers and parents to shape policy and curriculum — NOT the textbook, testing, and transportation industries.
  • Ensure internet access in the classroom and at home. Our City students need this powerful research tool to be globally competitive.
  • Address the basic needs of low-income students.  Many of these bright youth face serious issues outside the classroom.  We must advocate for the resources they need beyond the school system.
  • Continue working to change heartless City policies that contribute to the social decline of our most marginalized citizens and students — those who are already struggling against a systemic current just to get by.
  • Empower parents across the economic spectrum.  We MUST stop equating poverty with apathy.
  • Be a full-time volunteer to bridge the gap for parents living in poverty by facilitating communication to the proper chain of command. Natalie is available 24 hours per day via phone or text as a point of contact for information.
    Natalie Vowell: (314) 467-0127
  • Natalie’s work with Project Raise The Roof saves houses from being removed from the tax rolls (which fund our schools), and prevents families from becoming homeless.
  • For 3 years, Natalie has joined 100 Black Men & Hot 104.1’s SWAG Tour to register over 200 high school voters, and speak on joining the political process.

I spend every waking moment improving the quality of life for as many 
St. Louis City residents possible, especially our underrepresented youth and low-income population.  I am excited to bring my energy and compassion to elected office.
THANK YOU for your support.  I welcome e-mails, phone calls, and text messages, at any hour—day or night.


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  1. Ms. Bonnie Lynn Green

    Most people beieve they have voting rights, and would not believe that Minority voting righnts are voted on every year before an elction?

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