A HUGE Thank You From Natalie Vowell

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your help on our word-of-mouth, organic, grassroots campaign. With no allies in the local big-money institutions, we proved that good intentions, hard work, and dedication can put elections back into the hands of the people: 18,678 people to be exact! This victory belongs not to me, but to all of us—and to the future of St. Louis City.

Whether with your time, talent, or treasure, you all made this happen. Our donors were activists. Our phone bank was our friends list. Every yard sign that went up was for someone like you who personally knows me and my work in the community. Our supporters weren’t just voters; they’re our friends and neighbors.

For those of you who are local, I’d love for you to attend the official swearing-in ceremony at the next school board meeting on May 9th (Carr Lane VPA Middle School, 1004 N. Jefferson Ave, 63106). Afterward, please join us for a black tie optional cocktail party at Livery Company (8728 S. Broadway, 63111) to continue the celebration.

I’m truly humbled by your confidence in me, your belief in my message, and the inspiration you offered along the way.  I’m excited to bring my passion to elected office, and I look forward to serving you and yours for the next 4 years—as a member of the St. Louis City Board of Education.

In Solidarity,

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