Lifting Student Voices: Student Representation on the Board of Ed

Even when adults keep kids at the heart of our decisions, sometimes we forget to include them in the decision-making process. As the duly elected Board of Education has now returned to full governance of the district, we are able to make real changes to SLPS and incorporate student perspective in our work.

In September, I drafted a new bylaw for a student representative to serve on the Board of Education. At last night’s regular business meeting, the bylaw was voted upon, and I am pleased to report that it passed unanimously. An SLPS student may now join us as an official participant in all public board meetings and work sessions.




Student Representative – Selection and Duties

The board may include one Student Representative who shall be a resident of St. Louis City and a full-time high school student of the District, and shall be appointed by the Superintendent prior to the first regular business meeting of the board immediately following the first day of the school year.

The term of the Student Representative shall be from the date of appointment through the regular business meeting immediately preceding the last day of the school year in which he or she was appointed.

The Student Representative shall be a non-voting member entitled to full participation in all discussions during public regular business meetings and work sessions, within the bounds of the established parliamentary rules of order [B9358.2].

The Student Representative shall not attend any closed session meetings, nor any other session the board deems inappropriate.

The board retains full discretionary authority to suspend, revoke, terminate, or reinstate the Student Representative position at any time by a majority vote of the full board.


Legal: Sections 115.348, 162.581, 162.601, 162.203 RSMo.

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