Stability & Sustainability

“A parent arrives home one day to find the family’s possessions sitting on the curb. Those eviction threats were all too real.  A basement fills with water and the landlord won’t come around to deal with the problem. The family has no choice but to move.  An ex-boyfriend is making threats. A nearby apartment complex has a rent special going on. A family moves to be closer to a parent’s new job.  For many reasons, families move over the course of the school year. For children and their schools, the consequences can be profound.”

The article below highlights one reason I’m running for St. Louis City School Board.  My work with Project Raise The Roof keeps families in their homes.  We make sure those properties remain on the tax rolls, funding our schools—and that our students have a stable learning environment.  St. Louis City must address the root of our problems. We need stability before we can achieve sustainability.

For 4th grade teacher Angelica Saddler and her colleagues at Ingels Elementary School, a high student churn rate means extra work and challenges. BARBARA SHELLY / KCUR 89.3

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