Hop On The Social Justice Bus!

Yesterday, I attended an outdoor industrial vehicle/heavy equipment auction in rural Missouri with my husband, who was looking to purchase a work truck.  When we arrived at the auction lot, a school bus caught my eye…and my mind ran wild with all kinds of grand community-oriented uses for it.

None of the guys on the lot were able to get the bus’s engine to turn over.  So I called my grandmother, who has owned several school buses over the years, to ask for advice.  Over the phone, Nanny gave me a couple tricks to try, and it started right up.  (That’s right, a sweet little old lady knew how to do what none of the men at the auction could figure out.  But let’s not gloat too much about Girl Power here, ladies.)  I placed a bid, and no other bidders—believing this big yellow junk heap would never run—offered any competition.

For $1,200 (even less than I’ve paid for any regular car I’ve ever purchased), I became the owner of a 1994 International school bus with only 100K miles on it!  I could get people to the polls, use it as a mobile campaign headquarters for voter registration, or take even more people with me on trips to Jefferson City to meet their legislators.  The possibilities are endless.  I’m ecstatic, and can’t wait for you all to hop on the bus with me as we drive St. Louis forward!

This was the sign I held at the Ferguson protests.  What better place for it than on the Social Justice Bus?


Prepare for takeoff!  The Social Justice Bus was driven to its state inspection appointment by educator, licensed CDL driver, and fellow female Progressive—my friend Sarah.

First mission accomplished!  Can’t wait for more activism with this big, beautiful, yellow bargain on wheels…  Stay tuned! 

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