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Natalie stands next to a black hatchback full of groceries, wearing a protective mask, giving a thumbs-up.

Connecting with Community During COVID-19

This Friday, May 8th, we set a new record! I delivered groceries to 36 kids in 7 nearby northside neighborhoods—46 bags of food and 32 gallons of milk. This brings our total number of deliveries to 79 kids within three weeks! My arms are still sore, and I’m not sure if it’s from carrying grocery bags or waving back at people from their windows.

Since quarantine began, these weekly grocery deliveries have been my only ventures outside the house. I love being able to get back into the community, and I feel the most at-home when reconnecting with neighbors and meeting new friends—like Bandit the Dachshund! Bandit politely welcomes strangers (as long as they’re carrying his human’s groceries), and guards the food with fierce bravery. Good boy, Bandit!

As usual, BIG thanks to the dedicated Saint Louis Public Schools staff and Friendly Temple Church volunteers on the front lines distributing food at Langston Middle School!

I believe I’ve discovered the max grocery capacity for my car, but this Friday May 15th, I’m heading back out to pick up/drop off groceries for more students and families. Please text me at 314.467.0127 if you or a family you know need a food delivery (*first come, first served*). I will be in the Wells/Goodfellow, St. Louis area but can travel anywhere northside/westside St. Louis City for porch drop-off.

SLPS has 36 schools where any family may pick up one week’s worth of free groceries–no matter whether or not their children are enrolled in SLPS. Grocery bags include dairy, bread, fresh produce, proteins, and snacks.
Every Friday, 8am-12pm.

See www.slps.org/meals for more details and a full list of distribution sites.

A Dachshund looks up, standing on the front step in front of a red door, next to three bags of groceries on the porch.
Natalie walks past a brick home carrying two gallons of milk and two bags of groceries, wearing a protective mask and yellow galoshes.
Six bags of groceries and five gallons of milk are stacked on a bench on a porch in front of a brick house.